Saturday, September 6, 2003

Williamsburg, Virginia

End of August through Labor Day 2003

Week long trip to Williamsburg, Virginia and surrounding area...

Fred, Collin, Michael, my niece Cory and I camped at Newport News City Park.

Site A13 (Very large wooded site along the reservoir)

Campground has no pool, but great as an inexpensive base camp while exploring Busch Gardens, River Country and Williamsburg, Virginia.

View from our campsite. (-:

Highlights from our trip...
Checking out the sites around Williamsburg
Dressing the kids up in colonial clothing....

Bribing Collin to ride all four roller coasters at Busch Gardens with a t-shirt...
which he then wore proudly!

Michael being picked for a demonstration...
Again dressing the kids up...this time in heavy war gear on a hot day
Checking out Jamestown and Yorktown
Thinking we could scope the campus of William and Mary College and "see" if my cousin Laura would happen to walk by...never saw her. )-:
Having the kids be able to fish right at our campsite and they did actually catch some...

Hanging out with these cuties!

And watching them all have a great time! (-: