Friday, August 15, 2003

Pocomoke River State Park, Maryland

Camping trip in the summer 2003 with our friends Jen and Gene and their 3 children.
On this trip, we took our neice Cory along with the boys.
Here is the crew of kids...

We stayed at Pocomoke River State Park in Maryland. Pocomoke River State Park is located in Maryland about half way between Assateague, Maryland and Chincoteague, Virginia so we have often camped there to be able to visit Fred's mom in Chincoteague, but still be able to see the wild ponies of Assateague, Maryland which we prefer over Assateague, Virginia.

Assateague Island, Maryland with the wild ponies...

Highlights of our trip...

Catching up with Jen and Gene. Fred worked with Gene and we all went to high school together...Jen was always one of my best friends throughout high school, but we hadn't seen each other in quite some time so it was great to reconnect.

The four "adults" putting up the screen house over the picnic table that had the lit. hot. lantern. sitting on it. And the aforementioned screen house roof landing on the lit. hot. lantern. and burning a huge hole in the aforementioned screen house. Instead of screaming in horror, it was more like laughing till we almost peed our pants! (-:

Spending time with my niece. Always a pleasure!

Stopping for dinner at a buffet and really having time to chat with Jen and Gene while the kids were occupied stuffing their faces! (-:

Sadly I didn't take nearly enough pictures during this trip, and it is a regret of mine! Anybody that knows me now won't understand that I didn't always take 100's of pictures.

Gene passed away about three years ago, and unfortunately we were never able to reconnect on another camping trip.

RIP Gene! We miss you!